The Wetherill School


Young School Children The Wetherill School was founded in 1976 by Florence Schmidt, Elwood Schmidt, and Joell Taggart. They wished to create a warm and relaxed first school environment where children could learn about themselves and others as well as begin to explore their world. The founders' vision was to blend the work of Montessori and Piaget on cognitive development with the social and emotional curriculum of traditional early childhood education.

It is the school's philosophy that the needs of young children are best served when parents and teachers work closely together. Parents have had an active role at the school since its beginnings.

Florence Schmidt was the school's founding Principal and also a classroom teacher. She died in 1980 but her warmth, nurturance of intellectual curiosity and appreciation of individual learning styles remain. The school is named after Madelyn Wetherill who was a close friend of Florence Schmidt and an advocate of creative early education.

The school is a non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors and licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools

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